CA IMMO at Luminale 2016 - Are you spinning?

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  • Project: CA IMMO at Luminale 2016 - Are you spinning?
  • Date: February 2016 - March 2016
  • Client: CA IMMO GmbH
  • Location: Frankfurt

Interactive light installation at the new car park on the south side of the main station. Visitors compete on two spinning bikes. The spinning of the wheels is transmitted to over 100 moving heads via vvvv, which calculates the angles and color settings continuously in real time. Those moving lights project the game world from the rear to the wireframe of the car park facade.

The MESO-Team:
Sebastian Oschatz, Johannes Lemke, Theron Burger, Aeneas Stankowski, David Ritterhaus, Alexander Graf, Sebastian Quader, Sebastian Kujas, Philipp Lorenz, K.P. Texter, Constantin Urban, Pia Scharf, Georg Kast

Simon Emge, Till Schneider

CA Immo Deutschland:
Markus Diekow, Christoph Jakoby, Melanie Ploch

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