Fraport Headquarters: Visitor Media Systems

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  • Project: Fraport Headquarters: Visitor Media Systems
  • Date: February 2013
  • Client: Fraport AG
  • Partner: hauser lacour
  • Location: Fraport Headquarter

Our Friends at communications agency Hauser Lacour were tasked with creating the branding and information design for the new HQ of the Fraport Group, a large office building designed by Albert Speer + Partner architects. Part of the assignment was a massive monitor wall for the similarly enormous lobby of the building, accompanied by a few elegant information terminals integrated into the lobby furniture, which we happily provided.

The Real-Time Information Wall consists of 21 Full HD Screens (a total of 43,5 Mega pixel fed from 8 seamlessly synchronised computers) controlled by bespoke software that we developed with vvvv. The wall pulls data from the world wide web and constantly displays actualities such as the stock quotes of the company share, Fraport news, flight plans and so on, interleaved with an impressively high-res slide show of Fraport impressions. The system is on 24/7, responding to a ‘mood time plan’ laid down by the . It also has the ability for custom presentations. For that, the user is able to plug in a Laptop via a standard HDMI cable, or to use a simple CMS where all necessary information can be uploaded to the wall.

The Interactive Media Terminals are integrated into the seating furniture of the lobby. With an elegant turntable-style jog controller, the user is able to interactively peruse a plethora of stories and tidbits about all aspects of Fraport, both real-time datalogues and visual narratives on entertaining side topics of the impressive operation that is Fraport worldwide.
MESO is also the hardware service partner for Fraport AG, providing maintenance and care for the systems.

Real-Time Information Wall

Interactive Media Terminals

The MESO Team:
Max Wolf, Sebastian Oschatz, Alexander Graf, Nils Buhlert, Xiaojia Yao, Friedrich Söllner, Benjamin Schiek

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