DMG / MORI SEIKI LifeCycle Tower

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  • Project: DMG / MORI SEIKI LifeCycle Tower
  • Date: September 2011
  • Client: DMG
  • Contractor: Montfort Werbung GmbH
  • Partner: Satis&Fy AG
  • Location: EMO 2011, Hannover
  • Tasks: Planning, design, programming and realisation of a Media Tower for DMG

Austrian B2B Ad Agency Montfort Werbung commissioned MESO with the concept, technical planning, programming, design and implementation of a media tower for machine tool manufacturer GILDEMEISTER, to be premièred at the EMO fair in Hannover 2011.

An exciting conceptual challenge was the creation of a multimedia sculpture which would simultaneously guide visitors in the hall to the site through its long-range effect, informs passive guests at the stand and allow active users a playful experience of DMG / MORI SEIKI products.
Together with the team from Montfort Werbung, we developed the concept of a 6 m high media tower.

The tower peak consists of a 250 cm high cylinder of LED panels. Core messages, logos and abstract animations reminding one of the typical DMG / MORI SEIKI signal lights, which can be seen at a great distance, run across this cylinder. The DMG /MORI Seiki staff can also send spontaneous text messages (e.g. dates/appointments, greetings, etc.) to the cylinder.

The middle level of the tower is composed of 18 Full HD flat-screen monitors. These monitors are synchronised with each other, thus allowing a full 360° screening (at a whopping resolution of 11520 x 3240 = 34 Megapixels, at 60 fps of course). Here, the visitors to the stand can learn about the advantages of the DMG /MORI SEIKI products. These animated information panels form the output of the interactive game which is played at the base of the tower. The contents in this area change dynamically depending on the decisions of the users.

The game on the 6 monitors in the base is a casual little puzzle. The visitors interact on 6 HD touch screens to learn which service products best match them and their machines. Once a puzzle has been solved, the user is “rewarded” with a staged visual feedback: A ring-shaped arc of light which spreads out in all directions, incorporating all media from the touch screens to the LED Top and the LED floor strips.

Our key visual, a glassy swarm of particles which mimics a typical machine tool ballet, runs in sync on all the tower’s media. This key visual and the fine, media specific colour calibration on site provide an impressive homogenous media sculpture.

The MESO Team: Björn Schwarzer, Uli Lang, Alexander Graf, Elias Holzer, David Brüll, Friedrich Söllner, Benjamin Schiek, Max Wolf

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