Ata Macias & Partner - Give Love Back

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  • Project: Ata Macias & Partner - Give Love Back
  • Date: September 2014 - January 2015
  • Client: Ata Macias
  • Location: museum angewandtekunst, Frankfurt

For the exhibition at the museum angewandtekunst in Frankfurt, MESO Digital Interiors produced from the extensive archive of Ata Macias a digital light installation that invites you to explore different creative phases.

9 overlapping projectors show a sketchy but encyclopaedic collage of works from the archive of Ata Macias. The loosly placed projectors show a collage of photographs, record covers, posters and graphics.

The keystone distortions of projections are part left as an technical artifact part compensated by a specially written software to blend different elements together.

The center mounted rotary knob allows visitors to shuttle through six different phases of Ata Macias work and view the work in detail. The constant and synchronous rotation of all images in the room is simulating the effect of consuming three gin&tonics at Robert Johnson.

The MESO Team:
Sebastian Oschatz, Johannes Lemke, Max Wolf, Moritz Cramer

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